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The basic conditions in the insurance and financial service markets changed in the last years enormously.
In the today's time an appropriate generalist must have a special know-how in banking and insurance broking.
Our company understands itself in this today's difficult surrounding field as "niche Player".



We are licensed to insure and reinsure all types of risks for commercial and industrial corporations (no retail business) as well as for service companies.

Our Underwriters have a long-term experience with internationally well-known direct insurers and international reinsurers, and they are in close contact to them.
With a direct access to the international reinsurance market, we dispose of high underwriting capacities for different and special risks.

We have the main target to supply safety to our clients and to enable them, that even in the case of catastrophic damages; they can continue trouble-free their daily business.

We are selling safety.
We are your partner for your safety problems.



Computer Crime
Technology and crime march hand in hand - the more sophisticated the one, the more ingenious the other.
We provide cover for all types of commerce and industry covering crime and fraud exposures.

Industrial Espionage
It is from day to day more difficult to protect the technical know how against espionage.
Therefore special covers were designed to cover these risks for large corporations.

Directors and Officers Liability (D&O)
This type of policy covers the risks of the directors and officers of a company against their individual personal liabilities arising from performance of their professional duties.

Fidelity and Crime
Cover is offered to employers against fraud and criminal acts of their employees

Legal Defence Costs
For many cases this risk is already insured if a Public and/or Product Liability policy exists.
However, a Legal Defence Costs policy provides an additional extended cover.

Professional Indemnity
In an ever more litigious world, professionals need protection against perceived or actual mistakes committed in the performance of their duties.

On-shore Oil and Petrochemical Industry
The insurance of these facilities as well as power generating plants is a worldwide emerging marked.
We can offer tailor made programmes for nearly anywhere in the world.



Products Kidnap and Ransom, Extortion
Terrorism is one of the worlds growth industries, whether it be for personal gain of for that of a "cause".
The targets are just as likely to be people or brand names as they are to be property. Cover against these risks can be provided.

Environmental Pollution
The world’s increasing focus upon the problems of environmental pollution is reflected in escalating fines and clean up costs.
We can offer insurance cover for sudden, accidental and gradual pollution.

Trade and Political Risks
The growing pressures being extended by the tougher worldwide economic climates are exposing companies to increasing risk both for customer’s default and insolvency, and from the political risk associated with international trade.

Accident and Health
We provide high levels of protection against the financial consequences of accidental death and disability.

Commercial and industrial property insurance, business interruption, all covers against fire, explosion, water, etc.

With the trend towards globalisation of companies and markets there is a fast growing need for public and product liability programmes which cover local, pan-European and international liabilities.

Electronic Equipment
Covers for all telecommunication systems and computers (soft and hardware).



Captive Insurance Solutions

Amongst the insurance services offered by our Company, self-insurance schemes are rapidly developing in the corporate world.

The most sophisticated of these products is the Captive Company which operates as a true link between the corporate insurance division and the financial department of the insured company.

ART or FINITE Solutions

Specialist challenges need specialist solutions. And sometimes these solutions go beyond traditional insurance to Alternative Risk Transfer.

We provide tailored insurance, reinsurance and other non-traditional risk management solutions for corporate and financial clients worldwide.

All these mechanisms represent a mode of risk management like no other (conventional), which can be implemented individually and / or collectively.

Each concept can therefore be tailored to the wishes and needs of insurance and /or financial company.

We find the best solutions for you !


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